The Grand Opening of the Bragg Building!

A week ago we welcomed delegates from all over the country to join us in celebrating the grand opening of the Bragg Building! This brand new building is a part of our Chemistry and Engineering departments and owes its name to Sir William Henry Bragg, a Nobel Prize winning researcher who taught at the University of Leeds.



On Tuesday 7th June, the Sir William Henry Bragg Building received the grand opening such a prestigious building deserves. Delegates were treated to a day of wonderful experiences across campus to celebrate the life of Sir William Henry Bragg as well as the importance of the building named after him. The Bragg Building aims to bring together scientists and engineers to discover, create, and design new materials. With state-of-the-art laboratories and teaching spaces, it will enable cutting edge research and strengthen collaboration between the University of Leeds and industries across the world.



Delegates were first welcomed to the iconic Parkinson Building for a welcome reception. Delegates were served a buffet lunch alongside drinks, all served by our experienced catering teams. While as the Parkinson Building, delegates were treated to a classical musical performance from some students at the University.

A variety of esteemed guests came and gave speeches at the School of Music, including Sir Adrian Smith, Prof Nora De Leuuw, and the Vice-Chancellor. The all gave credit to the amazing inspiration Sir William Bragg offered students and the incredible work that could take place in the building. Members of the Bragg family also joined us to celebrate the opening of the building, giving a fascinating speech into the life and times of the man the building owes its name to. Delegates were then given tours of the building accompanied by PhD students and researchers


Finally delegates were again given the chance to network and talk about the day celebrating the building. A series of performances from the Black Dyke Band helped to set the scene for the afternoon celebration at the Parkinson Building and Clothworkers Concert Hall. Dame Julia Higgins then gave a speech and the University’s galleries and libraries were opened for guests to explore.

The Sir William Bragg Building promises to be a cornerstone of the University of Leeds in years to come as it inspires students and offers a base for meaningful and impactful research across the country.